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What is a VPN for iPhone?

A VPN also masks your IP address, allowing you to browse anonymously and access geo-restricted content from anywhere in the world. With GoMaskMe's VPN for iPhone, users can enjoy secure browsing, protected personal information, and freedom from internet censorship.

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, for iPhone is a powerful tool that provides an extra layer of security and privacy to your online activities. When activated, it creates a secure and encrypted connection between your iPhone and the internet. This encryption safeguards your data from hackers and snoopers, especially when you're connected to public Wi-Fi networks.


What is GoMaskMe VPN

On iphone used for

GoMaskMe ensures your iPhone and iPad have full protection, keeping your personal data secure beyond the walls of Apple's servers. Despite Apple's robust security measures, vulnerabilities and cyber threats persist, as evident from past breaches and malware attacks.


Protecting Your Apple Devices

While your iPhone or iPad consistently communicates with Apple servers, data breaches in the past, like the 2015 incident where hackers stole data from 128 million iPhone users, highlight the vulnerability even in robust ecosystems. GoMaskMe fortifies your iOS devices with an additional layer of security, ensuring your connections and data stay secure.


Selective Network of Servers

GoMaskMe VPN offers 10 high-quality servers strategically located in key locations. Whether you need access to American Netflix or to connect to BBC iPlayer in the UK, our specialized servers will meet your needs. Choose from a narrow but powerful range of geographic options for quality connections.


Wi-Fi Protection and Privacy Assurance

Automatic Wi-Fi protection keeps your iPhone or iPad safe on public networks. With GoMaskMe, your privacy is our priority, as demonstrated by our swift servers across the globe, ensuring your VPN experience is not only secure but also fast.


IP Address Flexibility

Change your IP address on your iPhone or iPad to enhance privacy and avoid tracking. With GoMaskMe, you gain the freedom to browse the internet without restrictions, ensuring your virtual location remains undetectable


Unrestricted Internet Access

Enjoy the liberty to access any content securely and privately, no matter where you are. GoMaskMe's VPN for iPhone and iPad brings you more freedom on the internet, keeping your data safe from prying eyes.

How to setup

VPN for Iphone

  • Step 1

    Download and Install App

    Head to the App Store and download the GoMaskMe app, a user-friendly VPN application for iPhone. Installation is swift and straightforward, guiding you through every step.

  • Step 2

    Choose Your Plan

    Select a pricing plan that suits your needs. GoMaskMe offers a variety of options, from free basic protection to advanced premium features.

  • Step 3

    Connect to a VPN Server

    Open the app and follow the instructions for setting up VPN for iPhone. You can connect to any of our secure global servers with just one tap, making how to use VPN for iPhone clear and simple.

  • Step 4

    Enjoy Freedom and Privacy

    You’re all set! Enjoy enhanced freedom and privacy on the internet. Browse, stream, and explore the web with the added security and anonymity provided by GoMaskMe. With these steps, GoMaskMe makes setting up VPN for iPhone an effortless task, allowing you to enjoy a safe and open internet experience.

    GoMaskMe is compatible with a range of iOS versions, ensuring broad accessibility for iPhone users. Whether you have the latest iOS release or an older version, GoMaskMe works seamlessly, providing top-notch VPN services.

Why GoMaskMe is the Best VPN for iPhone

Effortless One-Touch Connection

With GoMaskMe, safeguarding your online presence is as simple as a single tap. Our app’s fresh and intuitive design delivers instant protection, establishing a VPN connection that shields your IP address with utmost simplicity.

Unrestricted Streaming

Dive into a world of unrestricted streaming. With GoMaskMe, you're free to access a wealth of streaming sites without worrying about bandwidth caps or throttling, allowing for uninterrupted binge-watching of your favorite shows and movies.

Wi-Fi Security on the Go

GoMaskMe provides proactive alerts when you're about to join an unsecured public Wi-Fi network, ensuring that you can secure your connection in vulnerable settings like cafes, hotels, and airports. Our VPN fortifies your data security, so you can browse with confidence, regardless of your location.

Anonymous Browsing

Apple may collect certain data, but with GoMaskMe, your online activities won't be tracked. Our strict no-logs policy ensures complete anonymity, keeping your browsing habits and personal information private.

Choose Your Security Protocol

Select from a range of VPN protocols to match your online activities. Whether you require the robust security of OpenVPN or the swift and efficient WireGuard® for seamless streaming on platforms like Apple TV+, GoMaskMe accommodates your preferences.

Advanced Split Tunneling

GoMaskMe provides proactive alerts when you're about to join an unsecured public Wi-Fi network, ensuring that you can secure your connection in vulnerable settings like cafes, hotels, and airports. Our VPN fortifies your data security, so you can browse with confidence, regardless of your location.

Enjoy Endless Streaming

With GoMaskMe, data caps are a thing of the past. We provide unlimited bandwidth so you can stream, download, and enjoy the internet without any restrictions. Everyone in your household can stream their favorite content simultaneously—no limits, no interruptions.

Solid Encryption for Solid Security

Protect your internet connection with the same level of encryption used by the military and financial institutions. Our 256-bit AES encryption ensures that your data remains out of reach from ISPs, hackers, and government surveillance.

Intuitive and Accessible App

The GoMaskMe app for iOS is designed for ease. A few taps are all it takes to connect to a secure server, even when using public Wi-Fi. This simplicity extends to all browsers, whether you're using Opera, Safari, or any other browser on your iPhone.

Comprehensive Internet Shutdown with Kill Switch

If your VPN connection ever falters, our kill switch feature springs into action, immediately cutting off internet access to prevent any data leaks, ensuring that your privacy remains intact under all circumstances.


Compare us with others

GoMaskMe apart from other providers?


Gain temporary access to GoMaskMe for short-term needs

$ 4.99 / week
  • Ideal for testing the service
  • Immediate access to all GoMaskMe servers
  • Unlimited traffic and speed
  • 24/7 support


Best value from GoMaskMe for long-term use

$ 1.15 / week
  • 77% — savings compared to subscribing
  • Enhanced speed and stability on all servers
  • Possibility to use on multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Reliable data and privacy protection online


Flexibility of use without long-term commitments

$ 1.24 / week
  • Cost-effective for short-term use
  • Access to high-speed servers
  • Protection against tracking and spyware
  • Easy subscription cancellation at any time